Monday, November 5, 2012 Windows Phone App Beta Test

The Geeklist Windows Phone App Beta - Codename "Geekjuice" is here!

UPDATE: Next update on the way! (Including WP8)

Here is what we've done in this update:

  • This is a bugfix release ( Jarred found and eliminated the bug! Thank you bro!)
You can use the links you already received for the Windows Phone 7 and 8 links on marketplace. Please consider that the update will be available for download in about 24 hours. Thank you.

UPDATE: Next update on the way! (Including WP8)

Here is what we've done in this update:

  • Reload last screen you where on before leaving the app
  • Scheduled agent checks for new activities every 30 minutes (standard, not changeable)
  • Added error reporting to allow better and easier reporting during the tests
  • Serveral layout changes regarding WP8 and wide tiles support
Here are the visual representations of the changes we made (update already made for "we found 1 activity or we found 2 activities for you :)" ):

UPDATE: Next update on the way!

Here is what we've done in this update:

  • Changed the annoying log-on bug to require to re-start the app after a successful login
  • Changed the start-screen
  • Changed the app-background
  • Changed the application and the tile icon
  • Changed the micros template
  • Changed the activities template
  • Changed the links template
Here are the visual representations of the changes we made:

UPDATE: We will supply you now with a updated beta version every 2 days! Stay tuned!

UPDATE: The beta submission to the marketplace will take additional 24 hours! Be prepared!

UPDATE: If you are a Windows Phone dev, and you want me to send you the XAP file, please let me know :)

We have published also a video on YouTube to give you a preview, what the current beta is all about:

We are proud to announce, that we finally have finished the first beta version and we want it to be tested by you - the community!

Geeklist Windows Phone App Splash-Screen

Every geek or geekette who is interested in participating, should fulfill the following pre-requisites:

  1. Create an Microsoft account, you can sign-up here: Create a new Microsoft Live Account
  2. Send us an email to to be added on our testers list
  3. Must have a Windows Phone (Windows Phone Version 7.1 and up)
  4. Must be one of 10.000 potential testers possible
After your sign-up you will have to wait for about seven days, to get your invitation email, which will describe exactly how to participate.

You should not - however - send the invitation mail to your friends or colleagues, because only registered email addresses will be considered.

Giving Feedback during the Test

Send us any Feedback, any wishes, critique and praises to the following email address, simply put the word FEEDBACK into the subject field and send the mail to:

 Additional Value for you as a beta tester

For every geek/gekette who is testing our app, we offer a free Q&A for any questions regarding the Geeklist API to be used on Windows Phone or Windows 8 or in any .NET based application!

Just use the email and insert the word QANDA into the subject line. That's it!

We also want to encourage you, to send us anything that you would like to see in the future API versions, so that we can pass your whishes directly to the Geeklist development Team!

 Known issues

Geeklist is encountering changes every single day. This means that also the API is under heavy development. Currently we need to refactor lot's of code to keep track with the changes, and to port code to different platforms. As soon as new changes will be officially available, we will implement those as soon as possible.

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