Sunday, January 6, 2013

Startup experiences at first hand



Creating something new, was always in my blood and will be until I die. Accelerating new ideas and porting them to reality is in my DNA. That’s a fact.

There are a few things I want to write about today and send out to the wilderness, how it feels to be a founder.

Motivation, Inspiration and the birth of a new idea

When I started with my current project (which cannot be disclosed at this time).I was enthusiastic, euphoric and infected with a fever to push the idea forward.

I fell into the positive and creative stream that I call “The flow”. It’s comparable to a constant state of happiness and extreme passion. Every single Quark in my body is filled with energy in this moments.


So I made the decision to infiltrate the market, check my chances and filter the important contacts and opportunities to change into the next gear. This is the moment when THE DOTS begin to connect in magical ways.

Some really good conversations made it through my personal filter and I have put them onto my engagement list. This btw. is a list that will never be published or talked about – it is the essence of successful communication, networks, bridges and door-openers. Stored in a safe place in my mind.

I started scratching ideas and reading about the necessary components and people that are needed to realize the plan.

At the peak a though fight is starting

Now that everything has been prepared, people have been informed about possible incorporation dates, everything begins to slow down.


There are many reasons for that. Most of the time it is the lack of communication caused by lazy people who don’t care about your vision. Get rid of those people!

And if you can, push and bug them every day until you reach your goal. Be consistent. Don’t give up.

Or maybe jealous people who are not capable of doing what you can do, and so they try to block you. Everything is possible.

Expect everything and be prepared.

The endless fight for money

Here is the caveat:

To pitch your idea you have to talk about it – to many people – reputable and to dubious people.

Here is my advice:

Protect your idea, and let them now about it. This is a good way to avoid any misunderstandings. If, in general, you have a bad feeling talking to some people, exit the communication and let them know  that you are not interested in future communications! Leave them behind and continue your journey.

During the different conversations with other founders I sadly recognized, that many investors are putting good ideas and concepts they promised to support in an endless waiting loop.

One month is like a century for an idea. Five months  (which I passed) is like stepping into the next ice age. Everything is freezing.

Here is my advice:

Do everything that is necessary for your idea to survive. Use the tools that are available now. Don’t stop – always believe in what you do and fight for it – no one will give you anything for free! Work on your idea, make it better and move forward! Don’t waste your time waiting for unresponsive investors. Grow your network, connect with powerful people in your area of expertise – and last but not least, talk to other founders. Let them talk about their experiences. Listen and learn.

Some statements I had to live with:

“I don’t have the time to read everything” (after promising to do so)

“I am not responsible for that. But other people will contact your very soon” (which never happened)

“Thank you for your application. Currently we are changing our conditions and we prefer submissions for applicants that already incorporated” (waiting for some additional months after giving them the required data)

“For US and Canada only, blah only….” (frustrating)

“I will do this and that for you.” (nothing happened)

Work hard – play hard

At the end my friends there’s only one person you can rely on – that’s you. Work hard every day, follow your heart, put all your love and passion into your project and make it real.

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